These are my RubiStar Rubrics:

Lit Circle Rubric.jpg

Math - Problem Solving : Adding Single Digits:

Math Rubric.jpg

Your assignment:
  1. Create a Rubric page. Tell what rubrics are and why use them.
  2. Ideas: No need to locate two articles/videos. Your methods courses should be discussing rubric use.
  3. Sample: Create a sample rubric with a minimum of 4 criteria you will evaluate to see how tool works.
    Use Rubistar -- an online rubric development tool Post rubric on page as a jpg and pdf along with Rubistar website address.
  4. Optional: Check out For All Rubrics -- they have rubrics aligned to the Common Core
  5. Thoughts: Use this tool when you plan your unit to create rubrics to go with each technology rich assignment you create.