This is my Quick Response (QR) Codes page:

Here are some QR Codes I made:
QR Code QR Code

How teachers use QR codes in the classroom:
Using QR Codes in Grade One:
In this blog Karen Lirenman talks about how she uses QR Codes in her classroom. Her students took pictures of a global read aloud project and planed to share those images with a school in New York. Karen then had the students use to make a voice recording to attach with a QR Code to the image so the students in New York could hear and see the project.
Another idea from one of her colleges was to make, "little videos for each student that provides them with specific, direct 1:1 instructions and feedback." Some teacher also use QR codes to explain the directions and rules of their learning center

QR Codes in the Classroom:
This blog gives a list of QR code readers and generator apps, and resources. There is also a list of Teacher Submitted Ideas including connecting a digital slideshow of all students' works to a QR Code, and scanning a QR code to hear a book talk done by a teacher.

QR Codes in the Classroom: An Easy Guide for Beginners:
This is an article by Hilary Speshock where she sets up easy to follow instructions for what QR codes are, how to make them, as well as some ideas of how to use them. She had students record themselves saying a line from Pete the Cat and used a QR code to attach it to a picture they colored and displayed in during parent teacher conferences so parent could hear their kids saying the line.
external image handmadecat-copy.png

How would I use this tool?:
I love the idea of using QR Codes to explain learning centers and give students directions. I like that idea of one on one attention, even when it's digital and not face to face.
I would like to use them as answer keys because I think it not only keeps five students from standing around waiting and trying to see all the answers at once, which can lead to behavior issues, it let's kids take the answers back to their seat and maybe there can be a link to resources, if the student got the answer wrong they can find out why.
I would also use a QR code to help students get to websites without typing them, and include a QR code to a class blog, newsletter, or other types of class work and information so most parents can keep up to date.
My favorite idea is the Pete the Cat project where the parents get to hear their kids. I think it's important that parents feel like they are in the loop when it comes to what their kids are doing all day.