Word Clouds:





Posters and Books

Your assignment:

  1. Examine the resources and samples I've made below to understand what I'm calling posters.
  2. Create a posters webpage in your wiki.
  3. Ideas: Find two articles or videos where teachers talk about how they use posters with their students.
    Summarize articles/videos (2-3 sentences) and hyperlink to article or video on your wiki page.
  4. Samples:
    1. Create a multimedia poster or timeline that includes text, graphics and a video then post on your wiki. Glogster used to be very popular, they now have made this a paid tool so select something else. Go on the web to see what you can find. Some students have used Lucid Press. Or, make an Infographic using Piktochart or another tool.
    2. Create a word cloud poster using either Wordle or Tagxedo (or other word cloud app) and post on your wiki.
    3. Create a book. It can be a comic book/graphic novel or any type of book you wish. {High school teachers, check out Comic Life and iBooks Author.}
      A few easy to use apps include:
      • http://www.storyjumper.com/ (print story as a pdf then post pdf, grab a screenshot of the cover of the story and post that as a jpg to jazz up your wiki page)
      • http://storybird.com/(make your story public then post the link to it, grab a screenshot of the cover then post as a jpg to make your story sound interesting)
      • http://comiclife.com/ or ComicMaster -- social studies group, try this one to create graphic novels or comics.
        Middle-school students learn math through comic books
        Students at a middle school in Indiana are using comic books to learn math concepts. The "Solution Squad" superheroes, invented by math teacher Jim McClain, incorporates math problems in the stories and adheres to Common Core State Standards and Indiana standards. "Kids will read comics," McClain said. "One of the things that's hobbled teachers in recent years are the books we have to use -- it's very scripted." The Elkhart Truth (Ind.)
      • http://goanimate.com/ This one actually creates a video but in my mind equates to writing a book.
      • ZooBurst -- 3-d pop up books
      • Seussville Story Maker -- Probably okay for Dr Seuss' Birthday, but didn't thrill me as much.
      • iBooksAuthor Write a text book chapter with this one.
      • find another one you like
      • Note: You can also use PPT or Google Draw to make books. One page equals one slide. Make slides in either landscape or portrait direction. Print then staple or use electronically. With PPT you could also add audio and video if you wished. Or, make interactive. Your creativity is the limiting factor.
    4. Tell the name of each app you used and any special notes about their use or posting them on your site.

  1. Thoughts: Based on what you have discovered in your reading and sample creation, on your wiki page tell how you and your students might use this tool to support learning.


    Story Jumper Book