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Picture This: 5 Ways Teachers Can Use Instagram in the Classroom
This article gives teachers ideas of how to use Instagram in their classroom. One activity idea was titled Photo Essays, where students were to take pictures of geometric objects in their everyday life, weather patterns they observed, or photos of or relating to current events. Another idea was to take photos of each step in a step-be-step process, such as a science experiment.

8 Great Avatar Creation Tools For Teachers
This site gives eight different apps that you can use to create avatars. One teacher's idea was to create avatars of famous people in history so that students could make history relevant and interesting to them.

Apps in Education
This site listed some talking avatar apps that could be used for students to present speeches. The teacher stated that sometimes there's just not enough time for each student to present all of the speeches and presentations they do, so this way students can still present but in a different manner. Also, parents can view these talking avatars and see what their child is doing in class.

Top widgets for the sidebar of your class or student blog
This site did not give any ideas of how to use these apps in the classroom, but it did list a lot of apps and what they do.

My thoughts about use of photos in the classroom: