Video of myself using a Smart Board to explore the IXL Website:

  1. Tell what interactive whiteboards are.
  2. Ideas: Find two articles or videos where teachers talk about how they use interactive whiteboards with their students.
    Summarize articles/videos (2-3 sentences) and hyperlink to article or video on your wiki page.
  3. Samples: Find a classroom with an interactive whiteboard and use it. Bonus points if you use it in front of a class! On your wiki tell what you have done. While you are at it, make a movie to show you using it. (Polk library has a room on the 3rd floor that you reserve and use. They keep the key at the Checkout Desk on first floor, check it out!)
  4. Thoughts: Based on what you have discovered in your reading and sample use, on your wiki page tell how you and your students might use this tool to support learning.
  5. Bonus points if you teach another teacher (pk-12 or university) how to use it.
  6. Bonus points if you use the SmartBoard software in the Swart Lab to create lessons for use on the SmartBoard.