This is my Instructional Videos page:

Here is how to get to D2L:

Here is a video of how to unfriend someone on Facebook:

Here is a video about Paul O. Zelinsky:

Here is a video about Paul O. Zelinsky's Illustrations:

This is a review of the book Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus:

Here is a video of my dog Echo doing tricks:

Here is a short how-to on the Graco Duet Soothe Swing:

Here is how other teacher us Instructional Videos in their classroom:
Why Use Video in the Classroom?
This site gives ideas of why you should use videos in the classroom. You can take virtual field trips, explain abstract concepts, and view experiments that can't be done in the classroom.

Using Video in Teaching and Learning
This site helps you determine when you should use a video for instruction. You should always watch the video first to determine if it's appropriate for your use. There are also ideas for how your students can create their own instructional videos.

How I would use instructional videos in my class:
I would use videos to explain difficult concepts to the students like velocity and distance, the water cycle, or even how to tie your shoes.

Depending on the grade level and the videos used, I think that videos can be a great way of explaining or reinforcing topics. But if you chose the wrong video, students will just tune it out.

  1. Tell what instructional videos are.

  2. Samples:
    1. (optional for Fall 2014) Use EDpuzzle to edit your instructional video adding a quiz, notes, commentary or other information to it.