What is desktop publishing?:
Desktop Publishing is about using software on your home computer to create documents with individualized layouts. You can make items like
newspapers, brochures, cards, or even books. Most documents contain a combination of graphics and text that help personalize your creation.

How teachers use desktop publishing:
Desktop Publishing in the Classroom
Erica Casada wrote a blog post describing ways desktop publishing can be used by teachers and students.
"Teachers can use these tools for creating syllabuses, worksheets and handouts, class rules and expectations, student assessments, newsletters and much more." She also stated her fondness for desktop publishing and it's organized, neat manner.

Desktop Publishing Teacher Resources
This site gives you 625 Ideas for how to use desktop publishing in the classroom. There are lesson plans about how to teach students to use DP as well as how to create lesson plans using DP. There are even great technology resources of how to use other program, such as Storyboards.

Here is my Classroom Newsletter:
Mrs. Basler's First Grade Class.jpg

Ideas for use in my classroom:
Classroom Book:
There are many ideas for creating a classroom book. One would be to make an alphabet book where each child would be given a letter of the alphabet and then they would each have to make a page for their letter. Once every student completes their part the book can be bound together. Another idea is a recipe book where each student has a recipe to share.

Students can help to create a classroom newsletter. Each week one or two students could be in charge of putting together the newsletter. For younger kids they might just be in charge of typing up what you have previously written and finding a picture to insert.

I would like to have my students create a brochure about some topic we're working on, like history. I think that could be a great way to incorporate DP with content knowledge.

Here is my Newsletter/ brochure I created for another course: