This page will be for my Concept Maps:

Mind map created using Inspiration:

Daily Schedule...IDEA

Articles and thoughts

Concept Maps

Your assignment:

  1. Read/explore links below.
  2. Create a concept map wiki page. Tell what concept maps are.
  3. Ideas: Find two additional articles or videos where teachers talk about how they use concept maps with their students.
    Summarize articles/videos (2-3 sentences) and hyperlink to article or video on your wiki page.
  4. Sample:
    1. Create a silly concept map with graphics using Inspiration or a similar application. Use at least 2 graphics from Inspiration and 2 from the web. Be sure to hyperlink your web photo to its address (see video below).
    2. Turn your concept map into an outline.
    3. Post your concept map and outline on your wiki (jpg, MS Word, and pdf).
    4. Briefly describe what app you used, any special notes you wish to remember (these are for you), and links to useful resources on how to use this tool.

  1. Thoughts: Based on what you have discovered in your reading and sample creation, on your wiki page tell how you and your students might use this tool to support learning.
Thoughts: When children are learning First, next, Then, etc. It can help to see a visual representation. I would use a concept map when telling a story to help students sequence events